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     Thinkship as a term is custom-made to show the essential transfer of the maritime philosophy within the business ecosystem.

A robust micro-multinational, a think-tank[er], atypical PR&media agency, bridging and facilitating business inbound and outbound the establishing place, Bucharest-RO.

Primarily and ultimately, in business, we really know how to make waves. Custom-made waves.

Thinkship’s Unique Selling Equation is: Integrators of strategic PR & communication + b2b visionaries + solid friendship engagement = impact management problem solvers. For You and Your company.

We refer to impact management in relationship with: business strategy, public relations and lobbying, sales and commercial force, branding and corporate ID. All with the touch of innovation in pursuit of the leading edge* in technology .


* nautical term also;) means the edge of a sail when catching the wind for high speed










Visionary Yours,

Dan D. Pavel











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